Court of Appeal Articling Program


Articles of Clerkship with the Court of Appeal of Alberta

Each year, the Court of Appeal of Alberta invites applications for articling student positions in Edmonton and Calgary.

The Articling Program

Court of Appeal of Alberta articling students gain valuable insight into appellate reasoning and decision-making processes. Discussion and interaction among students, justices and legal counsel is encouraged and there is, generally, an open-door policy at the Court.

During the course of their articling term with the Court, students hone their legal research, analysis and writing skills and learn valuable lessons in the art of advocacy by observing counsel in court.

In fulfilling their duties, students are exposed to many areas of the law, including: administrative, constitutional, contract, corporate and commercial, criminal, employment, family, tort and wills and estates law.


Articling students review motion and appeal materials, research a broad range of legal issues and prepare pre- and post-hearing memoranda of fact and law. They may also be asked to review, edit and comment on draft reasons for judgments and/or assist justices with speeches and academic papers and presentations.

While articling with the Court of Appeal of Alberta, students must complete the Law Society of Alberta's Education Plan for a Student-at-Law Articled to a Judge. The Education Plan requires students to: (i) observe various proceedings in the Provincial Court, the Court of Queen's Bench and the Court of Appeal; and (ii) discuss the court proceedings they observe with the presiding judge/justice, master, taxing officer or other court official and their principal, whenever possible.

Students are encouraged to complete the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) program during their articling term with the Court.

Other Educational Opportunities

Students receive a comprehensive orientation to the Court of Appeal of Alberta and its legal research resources at the commencement of their articles.

Students also attend numerous tours and seminars during their articling term with the Court. The tours and seminars are designed to introduce students to the inner workings of the Alberta court system and review a broad range of practice areas. Most of the tours and seminars are presented by justices and other court officials.


Although articled to a single justice, students will have an opportunity to work with most, if not all, of the justices of the Court of Appeal of Alberta. They are also encouraged to seek information and advice from the Court's legal counsel and librarians.

Students have offices in the same areas as the justices and their staff. They have full access to judicial libraries, the Alberta Law Libraries and many online legal research resources.

Start Date and Term of Employment

In Edmonton, articling students commence their employment on June 1. If June 1 falls on a weekend, employment starts the following Monday.

In Calgary, the start dates vary. Generally, some students commence their employment at the beginning of June and some start at the beginning of August.

Students articled to a justice of the Court of Appeal of Alberta complete a ten-month term with the Court. In order to be admitted to the Alberta bar, they must also complete a five-month articling term with an Alberta lawyer.

Salary and Benefits

As of April 2014, the articling students' bi-weekly salary is $1,944.55.

Students are entitled to ten vacation days and up to fifteen sick leave days during their articling term with the Court of Appeal of Alberta. They are also eligible to participate in an Alberta government employee benefits program which includes: group life insurance, extended medical benefits and accidental death and dismemberment insurance plans.

The Alberta government pays the students' Law Society of Alberta application and admission and CPLED program registration fees.


Articling students must have a Canadian common law degree or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Law Society of Alberta.

The Court of Appeal of Alberta seeks students of good character and reputation with strong academic records and well-developed legal research, analysis and writing skills. It hires individuals who are motivated and demonstrate an ability to produce high quality work under strict deadlines. Ideal candidates are good team players and capable of working well in a cooperative and collaborative work environment.

Other Requirements

Offers of employment made to articling students are conditional on the candidate passing a security screening.

As new employees of the Alberta government, students will be required to take and subscribe an oath. The text of the oath can be found in section 20 of the Public Service Act, RSA 2000, c. P-42.

At all times during their articling term with the Court of Appeal of Alberta and afterwards, students must keep in confidence, and not disclose to anyone outside of the Court, anything relating to the work they do for the Court.

How to Apply

The deadline for applications for 2016-2017 has passed. Please check this page for information about the 2017-2018 articling term in the fall of 2015.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Court of Appeal of Alberta's legal counsel and/or current articling students:

In Edmonton:

Sharif Farrag, Legal Counsel, 780.422.9718,
Christopher Los, 780.644.3612,
Katie Duke, 780.644.3610,
Mikkel Arnston, 780.422.5293,
Diana Cho, 780.644.3611,
Penny Garnsworthy, 780.415.0006,

In Calgary:

Laurel Watson, Legal Counsel, 403.297.6692,
Carolyn Mills, 403.355.4085,
Sara Tebbutt, 403.355.4248,
Noren Hirani, 403.476.4708,
Athyna Slack, 403.476.4709,