Family Justice Services

Family Justice Services (FJS) is a group of programs and services offered by the Government of Alberta, Justice and Solicitor General in collaboration with the courts of Alberta.

FJS staff work directly with individuals to find appropriate solutions for family law issues. Programs are available to qualifying parties either at no cost or for a nominal charge. FJS offices are located throughout the province.

Serving you better!

Starting December 1, 2014 we are improving our services by offering a wider range of help to self-represented litigants with Family Law Act applications in Queen’s Bench, Calgary!

Triage Services

  • All self-represented parties wishing to file a Family Law Act (FLA) application will begin with triage services either:
    • in person on the 7th floor south tower at the Family Justice Services counter, OR
    • by calling 403-297-6981

Intake Services

  • Before filing your application you must come for an intake appointment.

For more information on the services Family Justice Services provides, in Calgary contact us at 403-297-6981. Outside of Calgary, contact your nearest Family Justice Services office.

Family Self Help

If you are representing yourself in a family law matter, links to helpful information, court forms and instructions are in the Family Self Help section.

Note: If you are having trouble opening PDF forms (i.e. getting messages about updating Adobe Reader) and are using Firefox or the Google Chrome browser: Please try clicking the pdf icon in the address bar and selecting open in Adobe Viewer or see further troubleshooting information here.

Forms and Quick Links for Lawyers

Informational Services

The Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) is part of the services offered at designated Family Justice Services offices, but is a stand alone office in Edmonton, and is part of the Law Information Centre in Grande Prairie.

If you are representing yourself in a family law matter, FLIC can provide you with court forms and instructions for most kinds of applications.

Mediation / Dispute Resolution Processes

Various programs help parents reach agreements with respect to their family law issues, so that they do not have to go to court.


Family Justice Services Glossary

Educational Services

Various educational seminars are administered by Family Justice Services.

Online Learning

Family Justice Services offers two courses* you can take online:

*These courses can be completed for Professional Development Credits and a certificate of completion is provided

Intake Services

At intake, a Family Justice Services staff member discusses options and helps prepare for court.  Family Court Counsellors help present the facts to the judge in Provincial Court.

High Conflict/Assessment Services

When families are not able to work together to resolve issues, the following programs can help them and the courts reach a solution:

Family Justice Services Brochures