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 TitleDescriptionModified Date
Civil Practice Note 1Applications Without Personal Appearance6/19/2012
Civil Practice Note 2Special Applications8/26/2011
Civil Practice Note 3National Database of Class Proceedings8/26/2011
Civil Practice Note 4Guidelines for the Use of Technology in any Civil Litigation Matter3/11/2015
Civil Practice Note 5Format of Expert Evidence of Economic Loss or Damages8/26/2011
 TitleDescriptionModified Date
Note No. 1Setting Down for Trial 6/28/2007
Note No. 2Judicial Interim Release (Bail) 6/28/2007
Note No. 4Q.B. Criminal orders restricting banning publication, public access or other non disclosure orders in criminal matters 9/26/2007
Note No. 5Challenge for Cause 6/28/2007
Note No. 6Criminal Proceedings Rules (English)2/25/2014
*Q.B. Practice Note "3" has been repealed
 TitleDescriptionModified Date
Family Law Practice Note 1Parenting After Separation8/26/2011
Family Law Practice Note 2Family Law Chambers10/15/2013
Family Law Practice Note 3Family Law Conferences8/26/2011
Family Law Practice Note 4Dispute Resolution Officer Project (Calgary) Child Support Resolution Project (Edmonton)11/25/2014
Family Law Practice Note 5Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Forms 1 - 4 (Applicable only to Edmonton and area (Region 6 CFSA))8/26/2011
Family Law Practice Note 6International Child Abduction - Hague Convention8/26/2011
Family Law Practice Note 7Interventions10/2/2013
Family Law Practice Note 7: InterventionsList of Psychologists and Social Workers10/2/2013
Family Law Practice Note 8Parenting Time/Parenting Responsibilities Assessments10/3/2012
Family Law Practice Note 9Intake, Resolution and Caseflow Management - Calgary12/15/2014